2017 December | Piazza di Spagna 9


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Current Exhibition I Interlacement with Tania Welz I January – Sept 2018

Wednesday January 24th, Piazzadispagna9, a Boutique Hotel and Art Gallery conceptualized by Stefania Grippo, is proud to announce the opening of Interlacement– a solo show by internationally renowned artist Tania Welz.

This project, curated by Raffaella Salato, is composed of over twenty contemporary tapestries produced between 2010 and 2017. These predominantly large scale pieces are in dialogue with smaller works establishing polyptych conversations amongst themselves.  Also incorporated are preparatory drawings allowing the viewer exclusive insight into the creative process of this refined and unique artist.

Tania Welz, German by birth but Roman by choice, interprets the world around her through material and color. She then applies her talent in an expressive, powerful, and original way: abstract tapestry. Much like painters using brush strokes to illustrate their inner motives, the artist chooses material mediums (jute, silk, cotton, velvet, wool) which she then tears, unravels, burns, mends, and assembles. The outcome often associates the fabrics with more natural elements, including but not limited to, metal, branches, fragments of mirrors and much more. Tania uses her work to express her perception of modern society, often torn by conflict, but ultimately expressing a hope for dialogue and reconstruction. She effectively communicates these ideologies through her intensely contemporary approach.

The exhibition is part of a larger project by Stefania Grippo, interior designer and creator of ‘Piazzadispagna9’, a place where her talent as a designer meets that of her instinct of cultural inspiration. Since 2014 this experimental project unites art, design, craftsmanship and fashion.  The property boasts magnificent view of one of the most beautiful squares in Rome, and an exceptional  attention to interiors, all of which is enriched by a regular program of contemporary art. The artists are personally selected by Stefania Grippo, in line with the most modern international trends, in a two way exchange – filtered by their identity and their expressive research – between the imposing exterior and the internal space of the hotel.






Sole Exhibition of Tania Welz in Piazzadispagna9 from January to June, 2018