Tania Welz I Interlacement I Contemporary tapestries | Piazza di Spagna 9


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Tania Welz I Interlacement I Contemporary tapestries



Studio 9 within the framework of the Piazzadispagna9 Boutique Hotel & Art Gallery, is pleased to present Interlacement  a personal exhibition by Tania Welz, curated by Raffaella Salato.

The exhibition program is inserted within the more vast project of Studio 9, directed by Stefania Grippo, interior designer and creator of Piazzadispagna9, a place where her dual nature of interior designer and cultural operator flourish. Her passion for contemporary creativity and for hospitality determined the creation, in 2014, of this experimental project in which art, design, craftsmanship and fashion intertwine. The magnificent view on one of the most beautiful piazzas in Rome, the carefully designed interiors, the mise en scene of every detail, is enriched by the regular programming of art exhibitions inaugurated with Stefano Maiorano (March 2014) and continuing  with María Ángeles Vila Tortosa, Dirk Vogel and now Tania Welz.