Studio9 is the creative design studio of PiazzadiSpagna9 and the art and design project developed by the interior designer Stefania Grippo, aimed to create an Atelier and an artisan workshop, which operates in a team spirit philosophy to create unique design pieces characterized by a harmonic fusion of styles, visions and professionalities.


The 9 Collection has been created for PiazzadiSpagna9 and presented for the first time at the Milan Design Week in the Superstudio Art Gallery and at Maison & Object. Bespoke pieces created specifically for the hotel spaces in a joint creative process between the designer and the artists. Stefania Grippo, apart from being a promoter of Made in Italy through her personal 9 Collection which enriches the common areas of this unique Boutique Hotel - Gallery with art-design objects, is also a passionate talent scout, and Studio 9 is the mental space in which this research for new talent takes place. In this context Studio 9 is the promoter of art and design events involving nayional as well as international new talents in art and design.


Shop Design

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