Eclipse Side Table

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side table in iron

net consolle

console table in corten iron

the net consolle

the net madia

lacquered wood and corten iron

lamp by sudesign

microcosmo sofa

consolle by gunderson

THE 9 Lounge Chair

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the 9 round chair

fur and cashmere fabrics

microcosmo bed

consolle by maiorano

the iron sun

Cosy Chair

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the 9 lounge chair

the 9 coffee table

Eclipse Consolle

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Eclipse consolle

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New Black China

cabinet in lacquered wood and iron

Stripe Console Table

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Stripe Console Table

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The Net Canopy Bed

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Velvet Mirror

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Velvet Mirror

the net bed

The 9 coffee table

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PiazzadiSpagna9 | Rome | Dinner in the Hotel

Dinner in the Hotel

Why don't you enjoy the dinner in the hotel? book the extra service after the room selection
PiazzadiSpagna9 | Rome | Spanish Steps

Spanish Steps

Piazzadispagna9 writes a new page in this area, standing sentinel over the Piazza, merging seamlessly with the art and haute couture district whilst peering coyly at the roofs of the ancient shops of Via Margutta.