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Stefania Grippo
Interior Designer


“Interior Design has a lot to do with our emotional side. When I come in a new space it seems it talks to me. I feel the vibration of what shape it would have for leaving anonymity and excite those people who live there. Inspire means recover ourselves, feel free to dream”.

Stefania Grippo
Interior Designer

Rome welcomes the finest and the most versatile Boutique Hotel we’ve ever known. In the name of art, design and flawless hospitality, Piazzadispagna9 will open the doors in February. An exclusive Maison where you spend time, but also an Art Gallery in which to be surprised by new creations.
At number 9, on the third floor of Piazza di Spagna you will find private guest rooms, an eclectic living roomand a Wellness Center.
Art installations, bespoke pieces and limited edition artworks will surround you in this unique travel experience. Piazzadispagna9 is a Global Art Gallery, constantly evolving, where you can also purchase.
But do not expect just a Boutique Hotel, Piazzadispagna9 is the most visionary Space in Rome, where you can also participate in exhibition and performance art. Nothing in it is fixed, everything is constantly changing. Only the elegance and professionalism of its impeccable hospitality will always be the same.
The fluidity of space and the theatricality of furniture amaze. A sensual rationality where a warm and sophisticated atmosphereinteracts with the rigor and the linearity of the design objects. A sequence of old portals carried moments of life and catalyzes the look on ultra modern mood in a particularly impressive succession of rooms. The elegance mixed with very accurate eccentricity. And then the eclectic living, the charming hallway that goes up to Piazza di Spagna and that is also the catwalk and the wonderful hammam.
But to get on the roman scene next February will be much more than a new place to go. In the Capital will be an experimental project that tells and brings to life the contemporary discovering of the landscape between art, design and crafts.
It turns out a feature that is never an end in itself, but always in service of elegance and gives a new interpretation of the idea of living. Stefania Grippo is the mind, the heart and the soul of Piazzadispagna9. Evolving experience and experimentation by Stefania in interior design is always conducted with skilled craftsmen, designers and artists. As in the case of Serafino Maiorano, special guest, along with his works, at the opening of Piazzadispagna9 with his exhibition Undiscovered Rome. Big and small pieces that seem to be born for this place with a contemporary and visionary view of Rome. And also bespoke pieces and limited edition artworks created only for the special Maison by Maiorano and designers such as Stefania Grippo, Nicola Guerraz, iGuzzini, Puntolargo, Per Soderberg and suDesign.

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