Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition | Kaleidoscope| by Maiorano


curated by Raffaella Salato

The exhibition is open to the public till April 2020.


The well known artist Serafino Maiorano returns to exhibit at Piazzadispagna9 with a new sole exhibition, entitled Kaleidoscope.
The exhibition project, curated by Raffaella Salato, includes twenty works created between 2012 and today.
Serafino Maiorano’s personal interpretation of the world, distilled through his very unique visual and mental filters, gives life to works with an almost dreamlike flavor, suspended between the metaphysical and the futuristic and, for this reason, subject to different but complementary interpretations. Masterly combining the photographic shot, digital processing and painting interventions, in more alternate sedimentation, Maiorano - which categorically refuses the definition of "photographer", a term that does not really render him justice at all - is the demiurge of worlds of contemporary architecture yet totally out of time, in which spatial dimensions intertwine together with the intangible, harnessing among other things beams or points of light that move on overlapping planes.
The rhetorical figure of the kaleidoscope - hence the title of the exhibition – perfectly evokes the multiplicity of images, real or perceived, that populate Maiorano’s spaces.




The exhibition is open to the public till April 2020.

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