Current Exhibition

Current Exhibition | No Borders | by Giusy Guerriero , Beetroot & Maupal

curated by Raffaella Salato

The exhibition is open to the public till October 2019.


No Borders” is a project that brings together three street artists, each with their own distinct style, into a dialogue centered around the universal concept of travel. In this context, travel is examined in terms of discovery, the exploration of unknown realities, a spiritual journey towards a higher knowledge, and as a journey inwards- an intimate investigation in search of oneself. The three leading artists, Beetroot, Giusy Guerriero, and Maupal, will exhibit works that are mostly unpublished. Visitors will find themselves faced with an unprecedented, stimulating, and varied experience that breaks the boundaries (hence the title “No Borders”) between traditional art and street art, between aesthetic research and the carrier of a social message.

The intensity of Beetroot, the feminine touch of Giusy Guerriero, and the brilliant irony of Maupal alternate along the exhibition path in a synthesis of the happiest artistic expression found in traditional museums, fairs, and galleries, but also in the increasingly incisive streets and buildings of metropolitan cities.

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The exhibition is open to the public till October 2019.

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